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Listen, if You Dare: You Can Now Sample the FANGORIA Musick Catalog For Free!


Any die-hard FANGORIA fanatics are likely familiar with FANGORIA Musick, the finest in deep, dark cinematic music that match our trusted taste in horror. With contributions from a rogues gallery of excellent independent artists, FANGORIA Musick has challenged horror fans to use more than just their eyes to experience chilling new media. And now, fright fans can find a taste of the FANGORIA Musick Catalog for free!

That’s right: While Chris Alexander’s BEYOND THE DARKNESS still remains free in its entirety at the FANGORIA Store, select tracks from all FANGORIA Musick artists are available to stream at the official Musick page. Whether you’re a fan of more epic, dramatic horror tracks such as Terror of Dracula and Thrones of Anguish or if you like more ethereal work such as Nexa Psionica or Carfax Asylum, any self-respecting fan of wicked audio weirdness can now sample FANGORIA Musick without dropping a dime! So what are you waiting for? Go give the tracks a listen here and if you like what you hear, pick up the complete albums (for a cheap $2.99!) at the FANGORIA store!


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