Director Lucio A. Rojas’s brutal “TRAUMA” trailer premiere, exclusive stills


Lucio A. Rojas is starting to make a big, bloody imprint on the horror film circuit. His previous film, SENDERO, premiered at SITGES in 2015 and was released on digital outlets in December 2016. Rojas has just completed his third feature film, TRAUMA, and it looks as brutal as the title suggests. Directed by Lucio A. Rojas, the film stars Catalina Martin, Daniel Antivilo, Macarena Carrere, Ximena del Solar, Felipe Ríos, Dominga Bofill, Alejandro Trejo, Max Torres, Claudio Riveros and Eduardo Paxeco. Included within the TRAUMA production team are Luciano and Nico Onetti who you may recognize from their recently directed feature WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND. This monstrous group came together for the release of TRAUMA with Blood Window and Border Motion Cinema.

Read the details and synopsis below:

TRAUMA tells the brutal story of a group of women stalked and outraged by two men, whose evil proceeds from the dark past of Chile, in a film that has provoked great controversy among those who have seen it. TRAUMA digs in the dark past of the southernmost Latin country with the story of four young women which are attacked by a disturbed man and his son on a weekend trip.

Director Lucio A. Rojas explains:

“TRAUMA is a raw movie – tough, violent, and dramatic. Although by some of its elements it could get close to the exploitation cinema, we went quite further. Some villains which are not from the present, but other times of Chile’s history. The content is extreme, visceral, strictly for people over 18. But it was the only way to tell a story of this sort.”

Due to mature content we’re not able to host the video on our website. However, you can CLICK HERE to see the TRAUMA [Red Band] trailer via YouTube!

We have the first look at film with two exclusive stills! Check them out below:

TRAUMA will make its worldwide premiere this month at the Morbido Fest of México!

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