“MACHETE KILLS” to open Fantastic Fest 2013; First look at insane fest art


One of the best annual fest experiences is rapidly approaching and this year’s edition will explosively open with a World Premiere from home state filmmaker and beloved genre director, Robert Rodriguez.

What started as a farcical fake exploitation trailer of a fever dream Federale-gone-rogue splatterfest has now spawned a sequel and most excitingly, yet another starring vehicle for Danny Trejo. In that film, MACHETE KILLS, “Trejo returns as ex-Federale agent Machete, who is recruited by the President of the United States for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man: he must take down a madman revolutionary and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has hatched a plan to spread war and anarchy across the planet.” The film’s brand of mayhem and its eccentric, cameo-laden cast seems wholly appropriate for the audience-rousing environment Fantastic Fest encourages.

The week-long event, this year running September 19-26, is a celebration of wild, boundary stomping cinema both big and small. Often opening and closing with anticipated genre titles (such as MACHETE KILLS), some of the true greatness lies in its sense of globe-spanning discovery and surprise. We can’t wait to see what the full slate looks like.

For much more on FANTASTIC FEST, find Johnny Sampson’s festival poster below and head to the official site for info on how you can (and should) attend!


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