“MARK OF THE DEVIL” director returns with “ORPHANAGE”


by: Chris Alexander on: 2013-02-15 13:42:57

Eurohorror fiends hold director Michael Armstrong’s 1970
medieval torture opus MARK OF THE DEVIL in the highest of regards and
rightfully so. The atmospheric, lush capitalization on Michael Reeve’s
WITCHFINDER GENERAL not only boasts a magnificent cast in Herbert Lom, Reggie
Nalder and Udo Kier, but a sweeping score (by Michael Holm, also employed in
Jason Eisener’s HOBO WITH A  SHOTGUN)
surprising emotional heft and wincing levels of grim violence. Yes, this is the
film that was marketed with a patron sensitive vomit bag….

Since that auspicious picture, Armstrong has dabbled freely
in the genre, writing MARK OF THE DEVIL II, Pete Walker’s HOUSE OF THE LONG
SHADOWS, writing and co-directing the undervalued SCREAMTIME and even doctoring
the script of Tobe Hooper’s LIFEFORCE. Now, forty years after his last stint
behind the lens Armstrong has finally been lured out of retirement by Paper
Dragon Productions to direct a new film, a UK creeper called ORPHANAGE.

“I agreed to be exhumed from retirement because I felt I
could trust Paper Dragon Productions to offer me the creative freedom I need to
realize a story I’ve wanted to bring to the screen for more than 30 years,”
Armstrong said.  “I very much look
forward to working with them.”

Described as a sociological suspense shocker, a complete
veil of secrecy has now been thrown around the project as it heads into
immediate development. Written and directed by Michael Armstrong, ORPHANAGE will be
produced by Paul Horsfield and Jonathan Jones, with Neil Jackson and Kevin
James executive producing for Paper Dragon Productions.

Stay tuned to FANGORIA for more details as this project

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