Marriage is murder in “I HEART U”: DVDetails, art, trailer, exclusive comments


Suburban domesticity gets a bloody twist in I HEART U, a dark comedy starring indie horror regulars Billy Garberina (who also directed) and Raine Brown (the two produced as well). The complete info about the release, DVD cover art and trailer have just been unveiled.

IHEARTUDVDNEWSIn the movie, scripted by Devin O’Leary and coming from Camp Motion Pictures February 11, 2014 on disc and digital channels, Garberina plays Walter Fletcher, a mild-mannered suburbanite who moonlights as a serial murderer to add some excitement to his life. However, he soon discovers he has competition in the form of “The Sweetheart Killer”—who turns out to be his wife Liz (Brown). “The basic thrust of the film is character-driven,” the actress/producer tells Fango, “examining the dynamics of a relationship between two highly developed personalities—who just happen to be crazy serial killers. I was so excited to get to play a character like Liz Fletcher; not only was I able to do comedy, which I love, but also, Liz is not your stereotypical wilting horror girl in any way. She is bold and tough and has many dimensions. When Billy and I were coming up with the story idea and our roles, we wanted the opportunity to not only play parts unlike any we have done before, but to also come up with something with some depth and meat to it.”

When it came to the production, shot mostly in Albuquerque, NM, Garberina says, “I HEART U was something of a miracle movie. Everything came together in a super-smooth fashion that I’ve never seen before on a production. We were able to put together over 40 actors and over 40 locations in less than four weeks. Everybody in every department really pulled together to make it all work. There are great shots by cinematographer Vince Nardi, great performances by all and awesome gore effects by Hank Carlson. Devin O’Leary really shined in his scripting as well; he wrote a devilish and subversive one-two punch at both relationship strife and the wildly inappropriate news-media culture. I really feel the battle of the sexes is taken to a new level here.”

The DVD, retailing for $19.98, will also include behind-the-scenes material, the short film DECEIT and a Camp Motion Pictures trailer vault. I HEART U’s Facebook page can be found here.

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