thomasdefeoTHOMAS DEFEO, President and Owner, Fangoria Magazine and Fangoria.com

Multiple award winning editor, designer, producer and director Thomas DeFeo was crazy enough to purchase The Starlog Group and its leading horror magazine and website FANGORIA in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since. During his thus far 25 years in the entertainment business, DeFeo was part of the various creative teams that helped launch The History Channel, the Sci Fi Channel, Bravo International, and the Biography Channel but it’s within the world of all things gory, grotesque and gruesome that his bloody beating heart truly lies. DeFeo’s a true blue monster kid made good who has propelled our iconic brand into the 21st century, respecting FANGORIA’s storied past while keeping an eye firmly on the future.

Tony2TONY TIMPONE, Editor Emeritus, Fangoria Magazine

FANGORIA Editor Emeritus Tony Timpone helps manage the company’s VOD, DVD and digital divisions. As a Co-Host/Producer, Timpone worked on FANGORIA RADIO for Sirius XM and was the Producer/Interviewer for Fangoria TV’s SCREAMOGRAPHY series. In the 1990s he helped guide the first three FANGORIA feature films to the screen for Sony.

In 2004 Timpone served as an Associate Producer to Bravo’s 100 SCARIEST MOVIE MOMENTS miniseries. For nearly 10 years he served as a Vice President of Acquisitions for FANGORIA’s three separate home video labels, and co-created FANGORIA’S BLOOD DRIVE short film DVD collection, hosted by Rob Zombie. For TV, Timpone was a Co-Producer of cable’s FUSE/FANGORIA CHAINSAW AWARDS and a Consulting Producer to the HORROR HALL OF FAME special. Since 1998, Montreal’s Fantasia film festival has engaged Tony as Co-Director of International Programming.

Timpone has been a frequent media spokesman for the horror industry, making appearances on over 100 TV and radio shows, DVD supplements and documentaries. Tony was the Master of Ceremonies and Co-Producer of the popular FANGORIA Weekend of Horrors conventions for over 25 years. Literary-wise, Timpone is the author of MEN, MAKEUP AND MONSTERS (St. Martin’s). In addition, he edited FANGORIA’S 100 BEST HORROR MOVIES YOU’VE NEVER SEEN (Crown), FANGORIA VAMPIRES, FANGORIA MASTERS OF THE DARK: STEPHEN KING AND CLIVE BARKER (both HarperPrism) and FANGORIA’S BEST HORROR FILMS (Crescent). 2013 will see the publication of FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER from Cemetery Dance, which Tony edited.

 Rob FeldmanROB FELDMAN, Web Designer

Rob Feldman started in the digital world way back in 1995 when he began taking his design creations to the web by coding html from scratch.  Since then, he has helped design and launch brands on the web from LA to NYC, working closely with companies to realize their online presence.  A designer, illustrator and animator , he is most known for his cult hit series “Dr. Shroud” through his company Earworm Media and is currently working on several animated and film developments, including his new comic, “Cyko KO“. Feldman is a true fan of comics, pop culture and horror, regularly devoting his non-digital time to creating original properties suited for his own 9-12 age level.

APRIL BEDAN, Fangoria Staff/Sales and Fangoria Musick Manager

April started in the entertainment industry in 2011 as a booking agent and music management. In September 2015, she began working with FANGORIA as the manager of its record label, Fangoria Musick. She now lends a hand as a proud member of FANGORIA Staff and FANGORIA Sales Management. April also works full-time within the University of Texas system where she serves as a data specialist in Admissions and Enrollment Management. She spends her scarce downtime making music videos and short films of things from your nightmares.

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