“MIMESIS” brings the “LIVING DEAD” to disc and special screenings

If you’ve ever thought it might be fun to live out your
favorite horror movie, MIMESIS is coming to DVD and Blu-ray, as well as
selected big screens, to make you second-guess that idea. Read on for the
details and art.

Coming February 12 from Anchor Bay Entertainment, MIMESIS was directed
by Douglas Schulze from a script he wrote with Joshua Wagner, and begins at a
horror convention, where a select group of fans are invited to an exclusive party
at a nearby farm. Upon waking up the next morning, the attendees discover
themselves in the midst of an undead siege scenario very reminiscent of a
certain George A. Romero classic. (Just to assure everyone gets the point, the
disc art appends the movie’s title as MIMESIS: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.) An
award-winner at festivals around the world, MIMESIS features appearances by
horror veterans Sid Haig, Courtney Gains and the late Bill Hinzman; it will
play special-event screenings in various cities ahead of the disc releases,
which will include audio commentary by Schulze and Wagner. Retail prices are
$22.98 for the DVD, $24.99 for the Blu-ray. Check out the trailer above.

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