“MOCKINGJAY” girl goes bad on “RAGE OF INNOCENCE” limited-edition DVD


Known for his cult Super-8 genre parodies like A POLISH VAMPIRE IN BURBANK and CURSE OF THE QUEERWOLF, Mark Pirro goes deadly serious with RAGE OF INNOCENCE, starring THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY’s Stef Dawson, which he’s issuing on a collector’s-edition disc.

In RAGE OF INNOCENCE, Dawson (Annie Cresta in the two MOCKINGJAY movies) plays Raven, the teenage daughter of single teacher Louise Sutton (Tammy Klein). When Louise begins dating fellow teacher Vincent Marsden (John McCafferty), Raven’s resentment of the new man in her mom’s life leads her to make his life a living hell. The writer/director, though his Pirromount Pictures, is issuing a RAGE on a limited (only 250 copies) DVD that will be released January 27, with pre-orders beginning about a week in advance at the Pirromount website. In addition to the movie, the disc (priced at $20) will contain:

• Audio commentary by Pirro, McCafferty and Klein
• Behind-the-scenes footage
• Photo slideshow
• Trailer

See the trailer (with a bit of NSFW language) below the art and our last report on RAGE OF INNOCENCE here, and check out the movie’s official website.


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