Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible arts boutique—whose limited runs of posters, vinyl and VHS have become something of a phenomenon—has found a perfect match in Panos Cosmatos’ pulsing vision.

BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW easily found a place in my favorite films of 2012. It’s a singular, deliberate journey, one not wholly clear, but a total experience. I loved Panos Cosmatos’ strange dream and cinephile collectors of the weird and wonderful who did as well are free to get very excited. Mondo Video, who previously released Canadian oddities THINGS and SLEDGEHAMMER is bringing the science fiction film to genre’s beloved dead format tomorrow, January 10.

Fantastic artist and frequent Mondo collaborator Jay Shaw worked on neato packaging (below). He explains, “I love Beyond the Black Rainbow. From the very first frame it is a film dripping with style and mood. Writer / Director Panos Cosmatos clearly has an affection for the filmmaking aesthetic of Michael Mann, Stanley Kubrick and David Cronenberg but here he creates something entirely unique and beautiful. Set in a fictional 1983, the story concerns a young girl named Elena who’s being held captive by an evil doctor in a research facility called The Arboria Institute. The film is a hypnotic journey through the fever of control and the power of the human mind. Cosmatos’ visual juxtaposition of strict geometry with free form organic creation is the inspiration for this cover.”

As per usual, the VHS will hit a random time, announced on Twitter. BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW is limited to 300 copies, and will run you $20.


by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-09 20:10:49

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