Moody Teasers for Fest Hits, “COHERENCE” and “PROXY”


Coming out of last fall’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, it was likely you heard a good plenty about two independent genre titles, one an ominous, crafty and heady sci-fi feature and the other a twisty, brutal odyssey of grief, obsession and delusion. As the two approach general release this year, teasers of vastly different length, but refreshingly ambiguous intent, for COHERENCE and PROXY have been released.

The former, James Ward Byrkit’s COHERENCE, is by all accounts (I’ve yet to see) a neat little work in which,on the night of an astrological anomaly, eight friends at a dinner party become subject to a troubling chain of strange and puzzling goings-on. The brand new trailer won’t exactly expand on such, but David Laub and Dan Berger of distributor Oscilloscope Laboratries say, “COHERENCE is an incredibly smart, incredibly original, and incredibly impressive debut.  With hints of a low-budget sci-fi mindfuck like PRIMER, and a deep, engaging, and emotionally resonant take on interpersonal relationships channeling the depth of Woody Allen at his best, it’s without a doubt unlike anything we’ve seen previously.”

PROXY meanwhile is a sly thriller from SCALENE director Zack Parker. What begins as something immediately brutal unfurls into a pulpy, violent journey with an almost astoundingly dark sense of humor. In the film, a pregnant young woman is horrifyingly attacked. A support group aids her recovery until a connection made within it reveals something more alarming.

While COHERENCE is yet to be dated, PROXY will hit select theaters and VOD from IFC Midnight this April 18.Find both clips below and for more, see our reviews here and here. [Crave, Indiewire]

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