Barbara Steele cast in Gosling’s directorial debut! [Updated with exclusive quotes]


Actor Ryan Gosling is currently underway on his first feature at the helm, something of a dark fantasy noir entitled HOW TO CATCH A MONSTER. Boasting some stellar leads in Christina Hendricks and Saoirse Ronan, the cat is now out that the performer-turned-filmmaker has cast one of the most entrancing screen presences in horror and film history, Barbara Steele.

Stunning and unforgettable in Mario Bava’s BLACK SUNDAY, Steele’s had a long, varied career onscreen, but hasn’t been seen much in recent years. As word makes its way around, the most detailed account is at Italian site Cinema-TV, which reveals Steele is playing a character called Belladonna in HOW TO CATCH A MONSTER. Roughly translated, she described Belladonna as “A character dark, disturbing, a diva of the past, a role almost to Norma Desmond in SUNSET BOULEVARD. I was hooked the script. Gosling wrote a really interesting story between reality and hallucinations of the imagination.”

[UPDATE] Fango spoke to Steele about the film, which she calls “This very complex script, very raw. This is a twisted tale and a very personal film for Ryan. I am not the lead but rather a glittery demented chandelier in the middle of this very dark fairy tale.”

“We shot in Detroit,” Steele adds. “It is such a strange, haunted city. It was absolutely vital to Ryan’s vision and I think he fell in love with it.”

The film stars Hendricks as a single mother living in a surreal, vanishing city who is plunged into a macabre underworld, while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town. Deadline has reported actor Iain De Caestecker will play the son.

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