Movie Monsters of “GOOSEBUMPS” Revealed

Next summer, the creepy creations of R.L. Stine are set to step off the page and onto the big screen in the Rob Letterman-helmed, Jack Black-starring adaptation, GOOSEBUMPS. In the film, Black plays a fictional Stine, who must team with a pair of kids to wrangle a group of creatures who’ve escaped into the world. In a meme-based marketing push, Sony/Columbia have revealed some of the monsters on the loose, who collectively represent some of the most beloved ‘BUMPS books like VAMPIRE BREATH, ATTACK OF THE JACK-O’-LANTERNS, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DUMMY, THE SCARECROW WALKS AT MIDNIGHT and more. 

In GOOSEBUMPS, Teenage Zach (Dylan Minnette) moves from New York City to a small town, and finds himself intrigued by Hannah (Odeya Rush), the girl next door, but weirded out by her misanthrope father. He is R.L. Stine (played by Black), and he has a big secret: All the Goosebumps monsters come from his imagination and can manifest themselves in reality. Things get hairy when giant praying mantises, frightful zombies and all sorts of other kooky characters and creatures run wild at night through the local high school football field and the rest of town, and Stine has to come out of his introverted shell and team with some youngsters to save the day.

A previous USA Today piece revealed the Dummy would be the cause of the monster mayhem. GOOSEBUMPS, which will surely intrigue many children of the ’90s, is out August 7, 2015. You can meme these monsters at Goosebumps Movie.

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