Music Video: FartBarf’s “Homeless in Heathrow” Blurs Slasher Lines

LA-based synthpunks FartBarf (what a name!) have together with director Brandon Dermer and producer Zak Zeman (V/H/S) crafted a slasher homage that marries subgenre archetypes in a slick, bloody little number for song “Homeless in Heathrow.” 

Starring Amanda Cerny as the quintessential babysitter, but also something more, “Homeless in Heathrow” sets up and quickly subverts the slasher scenario by having babysitter and killer as one. Cerny’s lithe figure dons an unsettling mask—used by the members of FartBarf, but also arguably the visage of which is a bit of a caricature of typical killers—and proceeds to tear up an ensemble of doorbell-ringing hunks. It’s snappy and bloody and delightful.

Dermer has also directed clips for great acts like Major Lazer and Waaves. You can find more of his work here. For more on FartBarf, head to their official site.

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Samuel Zimmerman
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