Must Watch: Space and the Undead Embroidered in Throne’s Video for “Tharsis Sleeps”


UK doom band Throne have crafted a video erupting with fantasy and horror symbols and scenarios typical of beloved metal imagery. The clip however, is anything but. Directed by vocalist/guitartist Nicos Livesey, the video for “Tharsis Sleeps” is a surreal, psychotropic odyssey made more so by the technique employed: the entire short is embroidered.

According to Junk Culture, Livesey employed a Brother embroidery machine to stitch out each animation frame, crafting a mini narrative of out-there visuals initially influenced by patches at metal shows, but grew into something much more. When Throne ran a Kickstarter to fund the video, the band laid out the song and clip’s story:

In “Tharsis Sleeps,” we journey with the band on a mission to terraform Mars and make it habitable for human existence.

Tharsis is a volcanic region on Mars that is home to some of the largest volcanoes in the solar system. Terra forming is the theoretical process of deliberately modifying a planet’s atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the biosphere of Earth to make if habitable by Earth-like life.

By dropping a nuclear bomb into Mars’ volcano Tholus, Throne aim to erupt all the volcanoes on the red planet thus heating up the atmosphere and rising the icy seas that lie beneath it’s surface. Making Mars habitable and saving the human race from imminent self-destruction on their home planet, Earth.

When things don’t go to plan, Throne end up nuking themselves and haunt the red planet as ghosts whilst the planet turns into a psychedelic wonderland.

It’s proper stunning, and its gradual build of insanity is the perfect accompaniment to Throne’s doomy, sludgy Sabbath and Electric Wizard-esque sound. Find images from the making of “Tharsis Sleeps” along with the incredible video, below. For more on Throne, visit their official Facebook and director Livesey’s official site.



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