Neat one-sheet, new trailer for Tribeca’s “RESOLUTION”

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s mysterious indie about negative energy begetting levels of negative energy is out this month.

Having premiered at 2012’s Tribeca Film Festival to a host of good
word (very much including FANGORIA; our review), RESOLUTION does very much with
very little. A tale of two best friends, the film sees Michael attempt to get
Chris’ life back on track by handcuffing him to a pipe and forcing a week of
sober living. As one kicks the habit, the other kicks around the Indian
reservation Chris is squatting on, finding strange inhabitants and even
stranger artifacts, all leading to some surrounding evil.

The trailer hints at some of RESOLUTION’s best notes—including
a standout scene with a very high Frenchman in a camper—without revealing all.
Give a watch, and see the latest poster below. RESOLUTION is on VOD from
Tribeca Film January 23 and opens at L.A.’s
Arena Theater January 25. For more, pick up FANGORIA #314 (on sale this month) for an exclusive chat with Benson and Moorhead and keep up with RESOLUTION at its Facebook and Twitter.


by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-07 17:26:57

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