“NEKROMANTIK’s” Jörg Buttgereit & more take part in anthology “GERMAN ANGST”


It’s evident anthologies are back in a big way, but while recent additions have certainly been independent, are they underground? The filmmakers behind NEKROMANTIK, THE DEATH KING, ZERO KILLED and MASKS are ready to take it there.

Twitch brought news of the legendary director teaming with Andreas Marschall and Michal Kosakowski on the three-part GERMAN ANGST. This will be something of a return for Buttgereit, who’s spent much time focusing on theater in recent years.

In last month’s FANGORIA #323, the filmmaker who battled authorities with notorious works like NEKROMANTIK 1 & 2, alluded to the possibility of GERMAN ANGST, explaining “I just wrote a script for a short film that might be part of an anthology feature from German horror filmmakers. One of the others is Andreas Marschall, who did a giallo called MASKS and painted the NEKROMANTIK poster in 1987. He told me he was traveling with his film all over the world, and at nearly every Q&A, people asked him, ‘What is Jörg Buttgereit doing?’ So he came to me and said, ‘I want to do a compilation film and you have to be part of it because everybody’s asking me.’ That might be something that happens next year, because this year I’m busy with work on CANNIBALE UND LIEBE, my Ed Gein stage play, and I’m also doing another stage play and a radio play.”

There doesn’t seem to be much else on the upcoming film except for a wild, wonderful poster. For more on Buttgereit, pick up the aforementioned Fango #323 for the really fantastic talk that both reflects on the NEKROMANTIK films and explores his current goings on. You can find #323 on stands or in our App for iPad, iPhone and such.


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