New Comments, Info: Lilli Carati’s Swan Song, “VIOLENT SHIT: THE MOVIE”


The sudden death of Italian actress Lilli Carati, on October, 20th 2014 left all her fans astonished, now orphaned of her talent. One of the most representative icons of Italian ‘70s and ‘80s sex-comedies, Carati also appeared in films of different genres such as SQUADRA ANTIFURTO, alongside Tomas Milian, and LA FINE DEL MONDO NEL NOSTRO SOLITO LETTO IN UNA NOTTE PIENA DI PIOGGIA, directed by Lina Wertmüller.

Starting her career as a fashion model in Milan, Lilli Carati (real name Ileana Caravati) quickly became an Italian sex symbol. But despite her on-screen image, she was very shy and bashful, and the stress and the pressure from producers and movie industry led her to drug abuse and a long rehab program, which made her retire from the big screen in 1989. She won her battle over depression and dependency, and in 2011 Italian filmmaker Luigi Pastore persuaded her to return to the industry with the lead role in LA FIABA DI DORIAN, a thriller especially tailored for her sensibilities.

Very excited about this project, Carati shot the teaser trailer, but unfortunately, a brain tumor tragically ended her troubled life just when she was about to be born again in the industry. To commemorate the actress in light of the sorrowful loss, Pastore and Carati’s family have edited her footage from the teaser into Pastore’s latest project, entitled VIOLENT SHIT: THE MOVIE, which will premiere at Cannes on May, 15th at 12:00 p.m. at the Palais (Screening Room C).


“Lilli loved the script [to LA FIABA DI DORIAN] and really desired to return making movies”, says Pastore. “All of her fans deeply miss her, so I thought of a way to commemorate this ill-fated actress. I have contacted Catia, her sister, and asked the permission to adapt her scenes in my new film.”

“My mother and I decided to let Lilli live one last time on the big screen, even if she is not on Earth anymore,” says Catia. “When Luigi offered her the chance to get back to her fans with that beautiful screenplay, LA FIABA DI DORIAN, she was enthusiastic. Lilli kept repeating that, as soon as she got better, she would have begun shooting this film. It would have been a very important step in her life, her victory over cancer, her victory over everything. Therefore I am sure of her approval, and I will be happy to see my sister acting in a movie, one last time. I think it’s a way to honor her memory with those images that, even if for a short time, they have been her lifeline. I am sure that, as she ever did, she’ll make us dream again”.

Thanks to visionary filmmaker Luigi Pastore, we will be able to watch one last time Lilli Carati in a short but intense role; one that all her fans shouldn’t miss. Keep an eye out for more on VIOLENT SHIT: THE MOVIE here at FANGORIA.

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