New “DEVIL” sites, stills

Originally posted on 2010-09-02 19:56:59 by Samuel Zimmerman

With just over two weeks until its release, the Dowdle Bros’ DEVIL is starting to ramp up on marketing and promotion including some new stills and websites to bring you face to face with the dark lord. 

First up is The Devil’s Meeting, a place to bone up on the folklore and mythology of the Devil, get linked to supernatural-tinged blogs and take part in “The Devil made me do it,’ where you can share some of your most dastardly of deeds and either be damned or forgiven by other users. 

On What are you most Afraid Of?, you can choose between the lesser of two evils and share your answers with friends on social networking sites everywhere. 

You can also keep up with the latest on the film by visiting its Twitter and YouTube channel to get news and check out clips and TV spots. 

DEVIL opens everywhere September 17. See FANGORIA #297 (out later this month) for our preview of the film and keep an eye on FANGORIA.com for an exclusive interview with star Bokeem Woodbine. 

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