New documentary explores “INDEPENDENT SCARES”


The creators of the horror-filmmaking documentary UNDER THE SCARES are hard at work on the second installment of what has become a three-part series, and gave Fango the scoop on some of the folks who’ll appear in the next movie, INDEPENDENT SCARES.

“The primary goal of UNDER THE SCARES [in which—full disclosure—this writer appeared] was to help young filmmakers make good movies without throwing their money away,” says director Steve Villeneuve. The follow-up, he explains, “will focus on the future of independent horror. In this film, I want to show how the evolution of technology has impacted the viewing experience of independent cinema, and the ability of these filmmakers to monetize their product since the 1970s.”

Already announced as part of INDEPENDENT SCARES are such genre veterans as Glass Eye Pix topper Larry Fessenden, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and LOVELY MOLLY’s Eduardo Sanchez, longtime producer/director Fred Olen Ray, Andrew van den Houten of HEADSPACE, THE WOMAN and others and Independent-International honcho Sam Sherman (pictured right). Villeneuve reveals to Fango that other talking heads will include JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER and THE SHRINE director Jon Knautz, JimmyO Burril and April Monique Burril of THE CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW, Chad Archibald and Gabriel Carrier of Canada’s Blackfawn Films, THE ORPHAN KILLER writer/director Matt Farnsworth and star Diane Foster, Southern grassroots moviemaker Donald Farmer, Shock-O-Rama/Seduction Cinema topper Michael Raso, Don May Jr. of Synapse Films, Ed Douglas of musical outfit Midnight Syndicate and Fango’s own Lianne Spiderbaby. More names and a poster will be unveiled soon; you can find out more about the “SCARES Series” at its official website and Facebook page.


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