New “HATCHET II” Poster

Originally posted on 2010-09-13 16:58:07 by Samuel Zimmerman

Dark Sky has released a brand new one-sheet for Adam Green’s sequel to his much-loved slasher HATCHET. Hit the jump to check it out!

I like that they took a bit of a departure from the “hatchets on black” posters for the below image. It’s a cool little approach.

HATCHET II is hitting AMC theaters October 1 unrated and uncut. The list of participating theaters hasn’t been announced just yet, but expect word soon. The film sees Danielle Harris now essaying the first’s female protagonist Marybeth, as she and Reverend Zombie (Tony Todd, returning) go after the swamp dwelling Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder)

For more on HATCHET II, pick up FANGORIA #297 (on sale now) for part one of our interview with writer/director Green and exclusive new Crowley pics. And click here to see what Green had to say about his next project, KILLER PIZZA. 

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