New “PACIFIC RIM” image highlights massive Kaiju


Last summer, one of the first promotional tools of PACIFIC RIM revealed the immense scale of Jaegers by placing two pilots simply on the shoulder of one. Today sees a nice reverse, as two humans stand in the enormous, glowing roar of a Kaiju. It’s huge.

PACIFIC RIM, from director Guillermo del Toro and writer Travis Beacham is fast approaching. The below image comes from the new issue of Empire and this quote tease from del Toro’s self-written piece is a perfect encapsulation about why this director and both his personal love of monsters, as well as his thought process, tackling a large-scale blockbuster like this is so special. “In creating PACIFIC RIM, I wanted the fights to have structure, like the wrestling matches of my childhood, so each fight brings a very different kind of aesthetic and a different dynamic. The first fight is very operatic, theatrical: Wagnerian. It happens in the middle of an iceberg-strewn sea, in the middle of a storm, with huge waves crashing on the Jaeger and Kaiju. We worked really hard at making water a character in this movie, frequently referring to Hokusai or the Fuji wave, and trying to make the water enhanced and add to the drama. This fight tries to quote the majesty of a painting by Goya called the Colossus.”

The film, about giant Kaiju having risen from the sea and the machines we build to combat them, is out July 12.


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