New exclusive pic, premiere news: “DR. FRANKENSTEIN’S WAX MUSEUM”


The bad doctor has a new home in DR. FRANKENSTEIN’S WAX MUSEUM OF THE HUNGRY DEAD, and now he has a place to world-premiere as well. Read on for the details, and to see a new exclusive photo.

DR. FRANKENSTEIN’S WAX MUSEUM OF THE HUNGRY DEAD, which we first told you about here, was directed by Richard Griffin and scripted by Griffin and Seth Chitwood, and stars Michael Thurber in the title role. Here, he has taken over a wax museum in Salem, MA, and a group of teenagers who sneak in to spend the night discover the horrible experiments he’s conducting on the townspeople. The 13th production of Scorpio Film Releasing, DR. FRANKENSTEIN’S WAX MUSEUM will premiere Sunday, March 24 at Lincoln, Rhode Island’s Cinemaworld theater (622 George Washington Highway), screening at 7 and 9 p.m. The cast also includes Jamie Lyn Bagley, Jesse Dufault, Shannon Hartman, Johnny Sederquist, Aurora Grabill, Patrick Keeffe, Aaron Peaslee, Christopher Ferreira, Nat Sylva, Ryan Hanley, Beatriz Lopez and Andre Boudreau, with FX created by Eric Rodrigues and Jordan Pacheco.


“I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this movie turned out,” Griffin says. “DR. FRANKENSTEIN’S WAX MUSEUM is a wild, gory ride that pays loving homage not only to the Hammer horrors of the late ’50s and ’60s, but also to the more freewheeling movies of Jess Franco and the bloodsoaked films of Herschell Gordon Lewis. The performances, the cinematography and the special makeup effects are simply amazing, even for a microbudget film such as this one. I think audience members are really going to eat up this kinky mix of horror and humor that we’ve served up!” Find out more about Scorpio’s flicks at its Facebook page.


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