New Trailer touts the Definitive Version of “THE WICKER MAN”

Robin Hardy’s pagan classic, THE WICKER MAN is returning to UK and U.S. theaters this fall in a long thought lost director’s cut. Restored by StudioCanal after a search by Hardy and the studio called for anyone with knowledge of a print’s whereabouts proved successful, the 92-minute  version will celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary. Here then, is a brand new trailer to get us all excited about seeing Lord Summerisle and Sergeant Howie on the big screen again. O, God. O, Jesus Christ indeed.

THE WICKER MAN, of course, is the beloved British film about a devout Christian police sergeant brought to a rural Scottish island to find a missing little girl. There, the inhabitants pagan ways profoundly disturb the officer, and ultimately the audience. It’s a towering picture with a deserved legacy and if Rialto Pictures is unspooling this brand new version out on a screen near you, I can’t imagine why you’d miss it.

THE WICKER MAN: THE FINAL CUT opens in New York City at the IFC Center on September 27. From there it expands to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Long Island, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston, Denver and more throughout the fall. The UK 40th Anniversary Blu-ray is out October 13.

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