New “WOLF MAN” Developing for Universal Monsterverse

There’s a whole new mess of monsters coming. As revealed earlier this year, Universal is looking toward a united monster front, revamping and rebooting their most iconic figures into a shared universe of films á la THE AVENGERS and well, the older Universal monster mash movies. Though a teasing scene popped up in last month’s DRACULA UNTOLD, the Monsterverse is expected to officially kick off with 2016’s THE MUMMY (to be directed by Alex Kurtzman, a co-architect of the shared universe with producer Chris Morgan). And beyond that? 

Just last week Universal dated the appetite-whettingly titled “Universal Monster Franchise Film” for April 21, 2017. While it’s not confirmed as a specific Monster just yet, news has come in on the developing WOLF MAN feature/reboot within this upcoming slate. In a story whose main crux is that Justin Lin may return to the FAST & FURIOUS franchise (#blessed), Deadline reports Aaron Guzikowski (the swell PRISONERS) is “being courted” to write a new iteration of THE WOLF MAN.

THE WOLF MAN was of course remade in 2010 as a period piece starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. That film was savaged by both audiences and critics despite being a lot of fun (although its mangling of Rick Baker’s work in favor of shoddy digital is unforgivable).

What will a new WOLF MAN be? “Courted” isn’t confirmation, so Guzikowski and completed draft is likely far off, but the new films are envisioned as contemporary-set. Hopefully practical makeup FX and Jack Pierce’s immortal design aren’t thrown away.

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