New “YOU’RE NEXT” Photos: Barbara Crampton in the Animal’s Sights


Fango has said it, and so have many of our peers. YOU’RE NEXT is great stuff. It’s thrilling, it’s highly funny and brings a real evolution of style from director Adam Wingard (A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE), as evidenced by an evocative shot seen in the trailer and now below as a still.

In the film, an upper crust family reunites in their rural vacation home to celebrate an anniversary. Things quickly go sour when arrows fly through the window and animal-masked men stalking the house and its surroundings. Starring horror legend Barbara Crampton, an amazing Sharni Vinson, AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg, Amy Seimetz, Wendy Glenn, Nicholas Tucci and even HOUSE OF THE DEVIL director Ti West, YOU’RE NEXT is wonderful. The film is in theaters August 23, but there’s a host of advanced screenings happening around the country that you can get into here. It comes highly recommended.

For more on YOU’RE NEXT, pick up FANGORIA #326 (on sale now) for an exclusive chat with Wingard and writer Simon Barrett.



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