News, first photos, trailer: “ZELLWOOD”

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Fango got word of a new Florida-lensed fright feature that’s closing in on completion titled ZELLWOOD, starring 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood (pictured left). The producers sent along a few grisly first photos (plus one that’s more pleasant to look at), which you can see below.

Written and directed by Jason Sutton, the Last Trip LLC/6th Plague Productions/Abyssmal Entertainment production also stars Patricia Rosales, Haley Boyle, Bruster Sampson, Amani Atkinson, Kevin James O’Neill, Chelsea Lee and Julie Anne, with makeup FX by Kurt Combs and Dano Needhammer. The story concerns a pair of young couples who decide to take a last camping vacation together before going their separate ways. The trip soon becomes marred when buried secrets start coming out, and things start getting gory, with a local airboat captain and his two daughters also involved in the carnage. You can see the ZELLWOOD trailer below the pics, and view the movie’s official website here and Facebook page here.


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