NEWS OF THE WEIRD: The Amazing Kreskin Talks About Justin Bieber’s Monkey Troubles!


The world of FANGORIA is a weird place.

Perhaps even weirder than you’d imagine.

For example, every day, every hour my inbox is inundated with emails from publicists shucking their wares, often with little comprehension of the media outlet they are pitching.

In the past I have been offered interviews with everyone from Lindsey Lohan’s parole officer to Oprah’s boytoy, Steadman Graham.

Most of these I laugh at before deleting but sometimes, just sometimes, these misplaced pitches are too good to pass up.

Case in point.

Two days ago, a PR company sent me this irresistible correspondence:

“Hi there!

Justin Bieber’s latest pet monkey drama is the latest drawn comparison to him eerily following in the steps of the late Michael Jackson.

The Amazing Kreskin, world-famous mind-reader and mentalist and pop culture icon, has expressed concern about Bieber’s future. Kreskin is available to discuss Bieber’s recent acting out and his predictions for the young star’s future.

I can make Kreskin available to speak with you as early as today. What are your thoughts/availability for an interview?”

Now, I’m Canadian and The Amazing Kreskin was a staple of my youth, as his TV show ran for 5 years on CTV in Canada when I was a kid. That show made him a household name and in the ensuing years he became an international household name, as staple of shows like Jimmy Fallon, Howard Stern and David Letterman.

So the chance to talk to this legend was an offer I could not refuse. And the absurdity of discussing pop star Justin Bieber and how his recent run in with the German authorities regarding his pet monkey was setting him on a road of Wacko Jacko-esque ruin.

It aint horror related and it’s not necessarily FANGORIA material.

But we all need a break from blood and guts once and a while, no?

Here then is the birth of my new online column NEWS OF THE WEIRD and my first subject, a brand new audio interview the one and only Kreskin with advice and words of warning to Beliebers everywhere…

Dig it.

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