Next “RINGU” sequel “SADAKO 3D 2” to encourage Japanese audiences to whip out their phones?


An app meant to enhance the experience of the forthcoming RINGU sequel, SADAKO 3D 2 seems like a nuisance for theatergoers. The film, a direct sequel to 2012’s disappointing return of the screen haunting ghost girl Sadako, will go beyond IMAX, 3D or even IMAX 3D and reach the audiences in “Smartphone 4D”, a frighteningly irritating-sounding experiment.

“The 4D smartphone application is still in development, but it will include flashes, sounds, vibrations and things appearing on the smartphone screen,” Yasunori Minomata of No Future, the company handling promotion for the film in Japan, tells The Hollywood Reporter. Presumably, this will take place as the audience is taking the film in theatrically. Additionally, there are hints the app will activate outside of the cinema for a lasting, bonus effect, which frankly seems the much better option.

At a time when tons of theatergoers are already disregarding common courtesy and their fellow viewers (and theater management isn’t doing much to stop them), is encouraging phones to be out really a good idea? Or is it just the next step in William Castle-esque fun? SADAKO 3D 2 is out August 30 in Japan, and judging by its predecessor’s release here, its doubtful we’ll get the full Smartphone 4D package. How long before it hits via another film, though?

You can find a teaser for SADAKO 3D 2 below.

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