Norwegian creature feature “THALE” to get English-language sequel


The Huldra, beautiful forest-dwelling creatures that possess siren-like qualities and cow tails, are coming stateside in a sequel to Aleksander Nordaas’ THALE. 

Epic Pictures Group are teaming with writer/director Nordaas and Yesbox Productions on a follow-up to his lovely (see our DVD review) tale of two crime scene cleaners and the gentle Huldra named Thale they find and protect. While plot details weren’t revealed, Nordaas did say, “”Ever since we screened THALE in Toronto and released it in the US, there’s been a continuous stream of inquiries from fans, eager to know if there will ever be a sequel – and now, teaming up with Epic Pictures Group, we’re finally able to announce that yes, there will be! In English for an international audience. And let’s just say that this time, Thale will be facing some very different kind of animals.”

Although both the director and producer Bendik Heggen Strønstad refer to the film as a sequel, Epic’s Patrick Ewald’s comments reflect something of a redo: “The English language version of THALE will be a co-production with our Norwegian friends aimed at a worldwide audience.  We will be increasing the budget and look of the film so that Aleksander and Bendik’s vision can be accomplished on a grand scale. We are incredibly excited to be working with such talented filmmakers and look forward to a creating a film filled with scares, laughs and pure entertainment.  Soon, kids around the world will be looking under their beds to see if they have a Huldra hiding under there.”

No word on if Silje Reinåmo will reprise her role as the titular Thale, but if so and if Nordaas is able to retain his tone of sweetness and wonder and get some practical Huldra FX, sign us up.

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