“NOT SAFE FOR WORK” not coming to theaters


Producer Jason Blum (pictured) has one hell of a track record for big-screen horror success, what with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise, INSIDIOUS and SINISTER in the last few years. But it has been revealed today that one of his productions will be bypassing theatrical exposure.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times about his new movie THE PURGE, opening tomorrow from Universal, Blum noted that NOT SAFE FOR WORK, another collaboration with the studio, will debut as a video-on-demand title on a date to be announced. “Some of my movies work, and some of them don’t,” Blum told the Times. “I want to be able to say to the studio, ‘We missed, let’s go to VOD.’ ” Directed by Joe Johnston of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, THE WOLFMAN and JURASSIC PARK III, NOT SAFE FOR WORK was scripted by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes and stars Max Minghella as a paralegal who becomes trapped in an office building where a mysterious villain is out to destroy files, and kills anyone in his path. We’ll let you know more details of NOT SAFE FOR WORK’s release as we find it out.

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