NY! Celebrate indie fear fare at Macabre Faire Film Fest this weekend


Every year around this time, the Macabre Faire Film Fest showcases independent horror and its creators on Long Island, and it’s back this weekend with a wide variety of feature and short movies.

Macabre Faire, which takes place this Thursday-Sunday, January 14-17 at the Upsky Hotel (110 Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy in Hauppauge, NY), is devoted to all manner of dark cinema, including thrillers and fantasy as well as horror. The features showing over the four days are: Debbie Rochon’s MODEL HUNGER (with Rochon in attendance), the Kane Hodder/Bill Moseley-starrer OLD 37, Philip Adrian Booth’s DEAD STILL, Navin Ramaswaran, Zachary Ramelan and Torin Langen’s LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE, Jon Kondelik’s THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES, John Portanova’s VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH, David Warfield’s ROWS, Vince D’Amato’s GLASS, Keil Troisi’s HUMAN RESOURCES, Nathan A. Jacobs’ KILLING POE, Millie Loredo’s SORROW, James Christopher’s QUAD X: THE PORN MOVIE MASSACRE, Bobbin Ramsey’s DEAD BODY, Greg Morgan’s THE BOATMAN, Malcolm Deegan’s FRACTIONAL, Jack James’ MALADY, Peter Hearn’s SCRAWL, David Spaltro’s IN THE DARK, Grant McPhee’s SARAH’S ROOM, Lucio A. Rojas’ SENDERO (PATH), Ousa Khun’s RED HERRING, Roman Khrushch’s PECHORIN, Kate Lavin’s TRAIL OF BLOOD ON THE TRAIL, Michael Yurinko’s ENTITY, Christina Raia’s SUMMIT, Jimmie Gonzalez’s THE RED MAN, Stephane Roquet’s REVENGE, Nicholas Engan’s KANDIYOHI and Brian Cottingdon’s documentary HOUSE OF ODDITIES: THE STORY OF THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION.

And that’s just the full-length flicks; there are dozens of shorts on the bill as well, as well as guests including THE EXORCIST’s Eileen Dietz and many other filmmakers/actors, vendors and more. For the full film lineup and other info on Macabre Faire, head over to the event’s official website and Facebook page.

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