NY! Join Fango’s Michael Gingold for 35mm “MOTEL HELL” screening at Alamo Drafthouse!


New York-area horror fans hungry for some classic big-screen cannibalism will want to join FANGORIA at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema next week for a rare big-screening of MOTEL HELL!

The 1980 black-comic shocker, directed by Kevin Connor, will be shown in 35mm at the Drafthouse (2548 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY) next Friday, February 26 at 10 p.m., hosted by Fango editor Michael Gingold. Rory Calhoun stars as Farmer Vincent, proprietor of the Motel Hello (with a faulty “O” on the sign) who has a sideline cooking up tasty smoked meats. What his customers don’t know is that he and his sister Ida (Nancy Parsons) are spicing up their “fritters” with human flesh “harvested” from victims they keep buried in a secret garden. Featuring appearances by Wolfman Jack and John Ratzenberger, MOTEL HELL delivers gore and guffaws in equal measure, leading up to an unforgettable chainsaw-wielding finale. What better film to enjoy at the Drafthouse, where you can eat as you watch? For more info and to order tickets, click here.


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