NY! Larry Fessenden on hand for “HABIT” at Spectacle Theater


Spectacle Theater, an unassuming doorway just off the corner of S. 3rd and Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a bit of  scrappy, DIY new venue for all manner of things offbeat, obscure and worthy of more celebration. Fitting then, they’ve linked up with the scrappy master of NY DIY horror, Larry Fessenden, whose own films and Glass Eye Pix  have grown to see international acclaim and produce some of the genre’s brightest, young talents. Spectacle is screening Fessenden’s essential HABIT Friday, October 11 and hosting the director for what’s sure to be a fantastic Q&A.

HABIT, a great indie film, a great vampire film and a great New York film is Fessenden’s  breakthrough 90s feature about Sam (Fessenden stars), a young man in ruins after the loss of a girl and the death of his father. Enter the otherworldly Anna, whose ever-heightening kinks weigh on Sam until he begins to realize something out of his understanding is afoot. A beautiful, charged, eerie film about addiction, HABIT is a must-see and really fits famously with a chilly October night. Additionally, Fessenden is an incredible storyteller (as you’ll see in a very extended interview we have coming up) and catching the film with him on hand to talk up the no-budget shoot is a great opportunity. 

HABIT screens tonight, October 11 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are a wonderful $5. For more, see the trailer Spectacle has cut for HABIT below (and then proceed through their Vimeo as they cut exclusive trailers for most everything, and they’re awesome) and head here for their official site. Other October offerings include HAXAN on 16mm, 1958 Norwegian horror LAKE OF THE DEAD, the Czechoslovakian MORGIANA, Jose Ramon Larraz’s SYMPTOMS and ALICE SWEET ALICE.

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