NY: The Academy and Metrograph will host a Halloween Double Feature on October 30th!


This month, The Academy of Motion Picture and Metrograph will come together to bring horror fans a Halloween double feature event! The event includes a showing of classic 35mm trailers and advertisements as well as a tribute to the great George A. Romero. The classic trailers and ad materials are provided by Packard Humanities Institute Collection at the Academy Film Archive and will include several classic horror favorites such as SUSPIRIA and PSYCHO. A tribute to George A. Romero will be held on the same night with a special screening of THE CRAZIES.


(Classic 35mm Trailers and Ads)

Info: “What horror movies have historically lacked in cultural prestige, they’ve more than made up with panache and showmanship—along with the films themselves, their promotional posters and trailers are works of art. So come celebrate the noble tradition of butchery and ballyhoo with this feast of Academy trailers, with a lineup that includes Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Craven, Ray Dennis Steckler, a whole menagerie of monsters, Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula, and taglines that will haunt you to the grave and beyond!”

Monday, October 30th at 6:45pm

Tickets: $15.00 – CLICK HERE to purchase!

Tribute to George A. Romero


Info: “A lesser-known work which can be seen as a stepping stone between Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, in which the effects of an outbreak caused by a spillage of psychosis-inducing chemical weapons in small town Evans City, Pennsylvania allows the master of disaster to exercise his gift for conjuring up a sense of mounting mass panic, and to explore his great theme—the total breakdown of human and institutional communication under stress. A virtuoso performance, in which you can feel the rising tide of madness.”

Monday, October 30th at 8:45pm

Tickets: $15.00 – CLICK HERE to purchase!

For more information, visit: oscars.org/events/academy-residency-metrograph-theater

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