NY! Win tickets to see Douglas Buck’s “FAMILY PORTRAITS” in 35mm!

Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema (136 Metropolitan Ave) and its monthly Nitehawk Nasties are in full swing, and this weekend sees a very special midnight with Douglas Buck and his trio of frightening, confrontational and graphic short films known as FAMILY PORTRAITS. 

“Unflinchingly and violently taking apart the facade of the American familial utopia, Douglas Buck’s trilogy of shorts comprising FAMILY PORTRAITS: A TRILOGY OF AMERIA is both a physical and psychology undoing,” writes programmer Caryn Coleman. “The first, CUTTING MOMENTS(1997), shows a small family of three who house a disturbing secret of sexual abuse and abandonment through the eyes of the mother; it’s when this truth surfaces that the brutal self-inflicted punishment begins. HOME (1998) is a pseudo-sequel/remake of CUTTING MOMENTS where the focus shifts to the father’s perspective; more psychological but no less damaging. And lastly, PROLOGUE, shows us the violent return of a young maimed woman to seek revenge on her attacker one year previously.”

FAMILY PORTRAITS screens tonight, May 31 and tomorrow, June 1 at midnight in 35mm (tickets here). Buck will be in attendance for the Saturday show and Fango has a pair of tickets for a reader strong enough. To win, e-mail Sam@Fangoria.com with “Family Portraits” in the subject and include your full name. You must be 18 or older.

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