NYC! First True 4K Screening of “BLUE SUNSHINE” comes to Alamo Yonkers on 12/11, with director Jeff Lieberman Q&A!


If you’re unfamiliar with Jeff Lieberman’s BLUE SUNSHINE, it’s guaranteed because you simply haven’t seen the film. An utterly crazy cult classic about random killing sprees linked by a maddening brand of LSD, BLUE SUNSHINE is a film whose loyal audience has grown over the years thanks to the film’s resurgence on DVD and streaming video. However, one problem with the film is that the previous prints struck from the film have unilaterally been sub-par, as the original negative had seemingly gone missing… that was until now.

That’s right: BLUE SUNSHINE’s original negative was finally found after almost 40 years, and was remastered into a 4K digital print that Lieberman himself is personally bringing to select theaters around the country. While L.A. was able to score the premiere of the new print at the Silent Movie Theater (a/k/a Cinefamily), Lieberman has revealed that the screening was downscaled to 2K due to the capabilities of the theater’s projection system. And, of course, what better theater to premiere the true 4K version of BLUE SUNSHINE than the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers, NY, which will host the film and a Q&A with Lieberman (moderated by FANGORIA’s own Ken W. Hanley) on Friday, December 11th!

While you can check back next week for a full pre-screening chat with Lieberman, BLUE SUNSHINE fans can be rest-assured that this is not a screening to be missed: this 4K print will only have a limited amount of screenings, and even fewer will be presenting the film in true 4K. Furthermore, as previous releases have sported sub-par transfers, even the most die-hard BLUE SUNSHINE supporter hasn’t quite seen the film as it was meant to be experienced, let alone with Lieberman in person in talk about the utterly freaky flick. So make sure to clear your calendars and pick up tickets for this one-night-only event (for only $10!) HEREand keep an eye out for more BLUE SUNSHINE screenings here at FANGORIA.com.

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