NYCC ’13 exclusive: Jen and Sylvia Soska talk “SEE NO EVIL 2”


The Twisted Twins who brought us AMERICAN MARY are heading for New York Comic-Con this Sunday to talk up their new movie SEE NO EVIL 2, as part of a big WWE Studios panel to be moderated by yours truly (see details here). We were able to get some words in advance from the sisters about the Kane-starring sequel.

Jen and Sylvia Soska recently wrapped production on SEE NO EVIL 2, scripted by Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby, in which hulking killer Jacob Goodnight (Kane) comes back to life in a city morgue and terrorizes a group of medical students. The Soskas brought their MARY star Katharine Isabelle back for their new film, along with fellow Fango favorite Danielle Harris, Michael Eklund from WWE’s THE CALL and frequent Canadian scream starlet Chelan Simmons. It’s quite a change of pace from their much-praised previous movie—which was exactly the point.

“Jennifer and I had been reading a lot of scripts after AMERICAN MARY,” Sylvia tells Fango, “but it seemed like everybody wanted us to make the exact same film, starring Katherine Isabelle—a sexy, medical slasher of some sort. But we were like, ‘That movie’s done, we already made it.’ And then our agent said, ‘We have something for you—you have to read it right away.’ And as soon as we got it and saw that it was SEE NO EVIL 2, we were like, ‘No way.’ We’re big WWE fans, and Jennifer and I actually started watching right when Kane was introduced, so we just flipped our shit. There were a few parts in the script that had us saying, ‘Oh my God, we have to do this movie.’ ”

“One of the things that attracted us to the project,” Jen adds, “is that it was so fan-friendly and fan-embracive. We saw the first one, and saw a lot of elements that could be taken further in the sequel. And I will say that as a WWE fan, a fan of Kane’s and a fan of horror movies, this movie is absolutely for people like us.”

One of the things they’re taking further in SEE NO EVIL 2 is Jacob Goodnight himself. “It was a key consideration of ours to take the character and bring him to the level of Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees,” Jennifer says. “He has all the makings of a horror icon, and the most important thing for us was to bring him there. Some people have been saying it’s going to be just another slasher film, or since he’s in a morgue it’s going to be a haunted house-esque movie. But I can guarantee you that everything people are expecting is going to be blown away when the film comes out.”

“We see a lot of very paint-by-numbers stuff in the slasher subgenre—movies that are very predictable,” Sylvia says. “We aren’t really seeing the art-house version of those, and there’s a lot of art in this. There are some amazing sequences. We shot something the other night that ended up frightening everybody. Glen isn’t a scary man off set, but when he brought it on, honest to God, all of us were f**king terrified!”

They also note the importance of bringing such solid, seasoned actresses as Isabelle and Harris to the party, to create real characters the audience will care about before they’re slaughtered. The casting occasioned some rewrites, as Sylvia explains: “There was a lot of development of the parts. With Katherine, people have said, ‘Oh, it’s going to be like AMERICAN MARY,’ and we’re like, no. She’s a character actress; a lot of people forget that because she’s so damn beautiful, but she’s weird and funny and crazy, and I really like showcasing that with her.”

The Soskas have also showcased themselves in their previous features, so can we expect to see them on screen in SEE NO EVIL 2 as well? “After AMERICAN MARY, we said we were retiring from acting,” Jen says, “and we were very surprised that fans loved it when we cameoed as the twins from Berlin. So all I’ll say is that Sylvia and I will never, ever let our fans down.”

“You might have seen Jen in something,” Sylvia adds. “I think one thing went up on-line somewhere by accident. I hope it makes it into the movie. It’s something I really like, so you’ve got the scoop: The answer is a strong maybe!”

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