NYCC ’15: “RABID DOGS” remake, “THE PACK” and more on IFC Midnight’s 2016 schedule


At the just-concluded New York Comic-Con, FANGORIA spoke with the folks from IFC Films and got the lowdown on the lineup of fright features coming next year under the IFC Midnight banner.

Out in January will be THE ABANDONED, previously known as THE CONFINES, Eytan Rockaway’s film about a young female security guard experiencing a night of terror in an empty apartment building, starring Louisa Krause, Jason Patric and Mark Margolis. As the year continues, IFC will release a pair of remakes: CABIN FEVER, Travis Z’s reshoot of Eli Roth and Randy Pearlstein’s script about young friends falling victim to a flesheating virus, and RABID DOGS, Éric Hannezo’s update of the Mario Bava thriller focusing on fleeing bank robbers and their captives (pictured above; see actor Robert Maillet’s comments on DOGS here). Speaking of canines, IFC has Australian director Nick Robertson’s THE PACK, in which a family fights for their lives against wild dogs, on tap, along with Can Evrenol’s much-buzzed-about Turkish chiller BASKIN, following a squad of policemen straight to hell.

Coming sooner, IFC has #HORROR, a virtual-fear opus directed by actress Tara Subkoff starring Chloe Sevigny, Natasha Lyonne, Taryn Manning and Timothy Hutton, opening November 20 (see trailer below); SUBMERGED, the aquatic-survival thriller from Steven C. Miller of SILENT NIGHT, UNDER THE BED and THE AGGRESSION SCALE, coming November 27; and DEMENTIA, the feature directorial debut of the CONTRACTED films’ cinematographer Mike Testin, starring THE SACRAMENT’s Gene Jones and PROXY’s Kristina Klebe, opening December 4. Stay tuned for more on these films here and in FANGORIA’S pages.

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