One of the highlights of any Comic Con experience is being able to preview the hottest and most buzzworthy upcoming games well before they hit shelves. As the horror genre slithers back into the gaming zeitgeist, New York Comic Con has been an excellent testing ground for developers to go all out with their upcoming properties. This year, Capcom gave excited horror gamers a chance to get back into the world of RESIDENT EVIL with their exclusive demo of REVELATIONS 2 at New York Comic Con.

Fans of the REVELATIONS spin-offs of RESIDENT EVIL will know the game isn’t a continuation of the former; rather, the episodic game takes place between RESIDENT EVIL 5 and 6. This time, the gaps are filled by Claire Redfield and Barry Burton’s daughter, Moira, and the game is much more team-driven as players toggle between the characters to acheive their missions. Luckily, RESIDENT EVIL fans will not be disappointed by the horror element; the design in both level and creatures remains familiar to the series, now rendered with even more immersive beauty for next-gen gamers.

The demo available at New York Comic Con followed Claire and Moira through what appeared to be a dystopic prison, as their mission to find a way out puts them in the path of giant zombified guards, puzzle-esque diversions and a taunting voice of ominous doom. Obviously, the game hints at a much grander plan, and it wouldn’t surprise me if REVELATIONS 2 spends way more time in this prison than Capcom would want to admit. But the demo does offer excellent and thrilling gameplay, and their choreography of excellent villain battles remains among the highest in survival horror gaming.


The team dynamic is also an incredibly fun experience; while you’ll need to swap back and forth for certain objectives throughout the level, it also makes the villain battles much more crazy. When you’re not playing as Moira or Claire, you’re expected to protect the other, and lucky for this writer, the gameplay is just as scary as in the days of the claustrophobic original RESIDENT EVIL. If anything, the only major complaint would be how easy the game is; villains would go down with a melee knife attack, which all but defeats the purpose of the limited ammunition aspect.

But in that respect, REVELATIONS 2 might be the most accessible RESIDENT EVIL game to date, which will be great for gamers new and old. It’s surprising that as one of the longest-running survival horror franchises on the market that Capcom is still coming up with new tricks to keep it fresh. And if the final product is nearly as intense as the preview I played at New York Comic Con 2014, there’s a good chance that this won’t be the last you’ll see of the RESIDENT EVIL franchise in the gaming sector.

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