NY/PA: Exhumed Films offers vintage movie madness this month


The classic-horror-reviving team at Exhumed Films expand beyond their Philadelphia base this month to offer a bunch of great genre films from decades past at two must-see shows in New York and Pennsylvania over the next few weeks. Read on for the details…

EXHUMEDAUG2015NEWSFirst up on Saturday, August 22 is The Guilty Pleasures Marathon, Part II, a full-day showcase of weird and wonderful flicks (all in glorious 35mm) at the New York-area Alamo Drafthouse (2548 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY). Running from 1 p.m.-11 p.m., these fan favorites from past Exhumed shows include: Albert Pyun’s postapocalyptic adventure saga RADIOACTIVE DREAMS; Barry Rosen’s truly strange horror/blaxploitation/martial arts mashup GANG WARS (a.k.a. THE DEVIL’S EXPRESS); John Clayton’s Southern-fried action/drama REDNICK MILLER, sporting one of the greatest lines of dialogue in screen history; John Grissmer’s gory twinsanity slasher flick BLOOD RAGE (a.k.a. NIGHTMARE AT SHADOW WOODS), featuring Ted Raimi as “Condom Salesman”; and Paul Kyriazi’s long-lost, jaw-dropping kung-fu comedy NINJA BUSTERS. For more info and tickets (just $25 for the whole show), click here.

The following weekend, on Friday-Saturday, August 28-29, Exhumed and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater (635 Seneca Rd, Just off of Route 443, Lehighton, PA) present Camp Blood, a two-night showcase of terror-in-the-woods flicks. First up on Friday night is, of course, a FRIDAY THE 13TH triple feature: Sean S. Cunningham’s original film (pictured at top) in its uncut version, Steve Miner’s FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 and Joseph Zito’s FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER. On Saturday night, the features are Robert Hiltzik’s SLEEPAWAY CAMP, Joe Giannone’s MADMAN and Peter Carter’s RITUALS (a.k.a. THE CREEPER). Tickets are $10 per person per night, and camping is available in the drive-in lot for an additional $10 per car. For more information, head over to the Exhumed Films website or Camp Blood’s Facebook page.

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