Ocean Liner The Queen Mary to be Subject of Sea Faring Horror


Currently residing in Long Beach, California as a tourist attraction, the retired ocean liner RMS Queen Mary will serve as the setting and filming location of a seafaring thriller for Ubiquity Studios, who’s calling the project, “THE SHINING on a ship.”

Gary Dauberman, who previously worked on still in-development theme park horror HELLFEST (Neil Marshall was at one point directing) is writing the Queen Mary-based screenplay for producers Brett Tomberlin, Andrew Trapani and Brian Gilbert, who are also on the Hammer Films Winchester Mystery House project.

There are no explicit details on what the plot of the Queen Mary film will entail, but with a long history (the ship first sailed in 1936) as both a passenger ship and a war time troopship during WWII—including the sad occasion in which the Queen Mary accidentally sank one of its escorts, the HMS Curacoa, and 239 lives were lost—naturally tales of hauntings and strange occurrences have been told. The Queen Mary and its ghostly inhabitants were even the subject of a segment on the 1988 UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Halloween Special, the first episode of the classic series to deal with ghosts.  [Variety]

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