Official Trailer: Surreal Home Invasion Film, “BORGMAN”


The strange, strange, exhilarating Dutch piece of work BORGMAN has been confirmed for a June release from Drafthouse Films. And so, comes its official U.S. trailer, one that highlights and sells the film’s more frightening, uneasy qualities; hopefully so that its dark comedy and destabilizing, surreal nature hit even harder when seen in full.

In BORGMAN, “an enigmatic vagrant enters the lives of an upper-class family and quickly unravels their carefully curated lifestyle. Charming and mysterious, Camiel Borgman seems almost otherworldly, and it isn’t long before he has the wife, children and nanny under his spell in a calculated bid to take over their home life. However, his domestic assimilation takes a malevolent turn as his ultimate plan comes to bear, igniting a series of increasingly maddening and menacing events.”

Directed by Alex van Warmerdam and featuring a stunning lead performance from Jan Bijovet, BORGMAN is in limited theatrical release June 6th. For more on the film, see our review of the Toronto International Film Festival here. [iTunes]

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