Other Kaiju Take Flight in New “GODZILLA” Trailer


We’re just over two weeks out from what, at least for genre fans, is likely the most anticipated of the big, summer blockbusters: GODZILLA. With each trailer just a hair more epic than the last, the King of Monsters has been slowly revealed around swells of music, sights of destruction and talk of nature and just how far out of man’s control it is. What we’ve not been privy to just yet are the other monsters lurking within the film and, one would assume, battling Godzilla. That’s all changed, and now it’s time to speculate whether these slightly familiar creatures are all new, or ones we know and love?

At just about 0:16, an enormous spiked foreleg comes crashing down, the rest of the body its attached to obscured, or simply too big in scale to fit the frame. Is it a Kamacura? What of the flying kaiju, headed straight toward the mouth of Godzilla at 1:24? Rodan? Will they even be named in the film?

We’ll find out May 16 when Gareth Edwards (MONSTERS) reveals his brand new vision of GODZILLA. For more on GODZILLA, see our cover of FANGORIA #333, where we return the monster who graced FANGORIA#1 to its rightful place.

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