Own a part of the documentary on Michael Mann’s “THE KEEP”!


For five years, a dedicated group of filmmakers have been putting together the ultimate chronicle of Michael Mann’s 1983 horror film THE KEEP. As it nears completion, these creators have launched a campaign allowing fans to be a part of it.

An Indiegogo page has opened for A WORLD WAR II FAIRYTALE, in which 30 years’ worth of archival material, including never-before-seen making-of footage and photos, and over 100 new on-camera interviews tell the story of THE KEEP. Based on F. Paul Wilson’s best-selling novel about Nazis confronting an ancient supernatural force, THE KEEP encountered numerous production setbacks that prevented writer/director Mann from achieving his ambitious vision, but the movie has since won a sizable following. “Audiences are still drawn to the potential of THE KEEP,” says director/producer Stewart Buck of Dinu Pass Productions. “They are fascinated by what could have been and what we might see in the future. Mann’s enthusiasm and approach to the project are inspiring. This documentary offers a fascinating insight into the way Michael Mann works, his aesthetic, his methods and how he puts his movies together.”


“Since 1983, my mission has not changed,” says producer/artist Stephane Piter, whose much-admired THE KEEP website has been a driving force behind the project. “It was always my aim to produce an affectionate and sincere account of this difficult production, and to reveal Mann’s true vision, which I have always believed deserves a second chance—a second life.”

Indeed, despite being back by a major studio (Paramount), THE KEEP has yet to receive a proper disc showcase. “In an age where movies are instantly available in the highest quality video, I find it fascinating that there are still unknown cinematic diamonds in the rough waiting to be discovered,” says Dinu Pass producer Alex Kuciw. “THE KEEP is one of those diamonds. Among even the most devout of Michael Mann’s fans, there are many who have not seen this film and are unaware that it is a part of Mann’s considerable list of achievements.”

The Indiegogo campaign allows those fans to help A WORLD WAR II FAIRYTALE through to completion and the marketplace, offering perks including:

• A Blu-ray package (available on pre-order for 30 days) featuring hours of extra footage and an exclusive look into the longer version of THE KEEP
• The extremely limited “Design Series” spotlighting production designer John Box, as well as art directors Alan Tomkins and Herbert Westbrook
• Books and rare photos from the set build in Wales, signed by crew
• The “Molasar Signature Series” covering the three stages of special effects evolution of the film’s monster by makeup designer Nick Maley
• The “Music Series” featuring an opportunity to pre-order a signed copy of the late Edgar Froese’s upcoming biography FORCE MAJEURE

For more on the project, check out its official website, Facebook page and Twitter.

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