“PACIFIC RIM” Actor Rob Kazinsky Tapped as Fox’s “FRANKENSTEIN”


Ever since Mary Shelley’s classic tale of terror, FRANKENSTEIN, entered the public domain, more than a few takes on the monster have been popping up across the pop culture landscape. With a big-budget horror adventure feature, the second season of PENNY DREADFUL and a UK series on the way, some forget that Fox is also concocting their own creature for a network series adaptation, and today, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that they’ve found their titular creature in PACIFIC RIM actor Rob Kazinksy. Genre fans will surely recognize Kazinsky from his last role on a horror series as the unstable faerie/vampire hybrid Warlow from TRUE BLOOD.

The story, simply titled FRANKENSTEIN, is reported to take some considerable liberties with the plot and themes of Mary Shelley’s original novel (akin to Fox’s SLEEPY HOLLOW), and will use the dynamic of Frankenstein for more of a body switch adventure tale. Kazinsky will play Pritchard, an elderly and crooked ex-cop who is granted a shot at redemption when he is brought back to life as a recently murdered young county sheriff. Imbued with an old man’s consciousness and a young hotshot’s strength, the question will be whether or not Pritchard uses that advantage to succumb to old vices or rise up and become a nature-defying force for justice.

It will also undoubtedly be used to create occasional moments of levity via generation gap humor, so expect Kazinsky to grumble about how he does understand all these tweeters and e-cigarettes the kids are so crazy about. All jokes aside, horror is currently booming on the small screen when it comes to cable and it will be interesting to see how a new take on a beloved classic fares on network TV. Expect to see FRANKENSTEIN later this year.

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