“PACIFIC RIM” knocks out opening-night audiences


The trend toward Saturday-morning quarterbacking of movie box office—condemning films to failure based on “tracking” before they’ve even opened—has gotten ridiculous lately, but PACIFIC RIM, like WORLD WAR Z, is so far refuting the naysayers.

Various sources are reporting that Guillermo del Toro’s epic monster mash from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures scored a solid $3.6 million from Thursday-evening shows. That’s the same number scored last month by the first night of WORLD WAR Z, another genre epic plagued by doomsaying advance word that wound up scoring with audiences, to the tune of a $66-million opening weekend on the way to a total that looks to surpass $200 million in the U.S. alone. With solid early word of mouth and largely favorable reviews (see ours here), PACIFIC RIM looks to be in better shape than the early “tracking” would indicate. We’ll see how the figures stand come Sunday—and perhaps if enough movies buck their early predictions, certain websites will stop racing to be first with news that doesn’t actually exist.

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