“PATRICK” producer mounts more Aussie horror remakes


Antony I. Ginnane, the veteran Australian producer who’s been making fright features for four decades now, has announced he’s revisiting two more of his past genre films, following PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS and the upcoming TURKEY SHOOT.

Screen Daily reports that Ginnane will produce remakes of his 1979 film THIRST (pictured above) and 1981 production THE SURVIVOR. The former, directed by Rod Hardy, concerns a cult of vampires who harvest humans and kidnap a descendant of the notorious Countess Bathory, while the latter, which had actor David Hemmings at the helm, is an adaptation of James Herbert’s novel about a pilot who is the only person to escape an airliner crash, and is haunted by those who perished. “Genre—particularly thrillers, sci-fi and action—never really dates,” Ginnane tells the trade. “Sales agents and international buyers like something that has been previously tested, has cult resonance and is made for a price. In some cases we are selling to the children of the guys who bought the originals.”

PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS (a redo of Richard Franklin’s psychic shocker titled simply PATRICK) was recently released on DVD and Blu-ray by Phase 4 Films. The recently wrapped TURKEY SHOOT is an updated of the Brian Trenchard-Smith gorefest a.k.a. ESCAPE 2000, about a violent futuristic prison camp; the new version, starring Dominic Purcell and Robert Taylor, is about a disgraced Navy SEAL who is sprung from a military prison to assassinate some of the world’s most ruthless killers. Ginnane’s upcoming slate also includes a thriller called SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION—which is not a remake of the same-titled Tobe Hooper movie.

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