Paul Feig Aiming for Female-Driven, “Scary” New “GHOSTBUSTERS”

This week, real progress was made in the long national crisis of developing a new GHOSTBUSTERS film. Following years of consistent, if empty, discussion, BRIDESMAIDS and THE HEAT director Paul Feig tweeted confirmation that he would in fact direct a new film based on the comedy classic, and that the new iteration would in fact feature a female-driven ensemble. 

Shortly after, Feig spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his vision for GHOSTBUSTERS, which he’ll co-write with THE HEAT scripter Katie Dippold. Feig reveals his and Dippold’s GHOSTBUSTERS will conceive of a new team without connection to the previous films. “My favorite thing to do is work with funny women. I was like, what if it was an all female cast? If they were all women?  Suddenly, my mind kind of exploded: that would be really fun. And then I thought, well, what if we just make it new? It’s not coming into the world that existed before. It’s always hard if the world has gone through this big ghost attack, how do you do it again? I wanted to come into our world where there’s talk of ghosts but they’re not really credible, and so what would happen in our world if this happened today?”

As GHOSTBUSTERS is in very early development, there’s no confirmation on cast—hopefully there’s room for Jenny Slate, or BROAD CITY’S Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson—or return cameos, though Feig notes as the film will be its own thing, any returning cast will play new characters.

Excitingly, the director does speak a bit to expected tone, explaining that he and Dippold are looking to make a frightening comedy. “Both she [Dippold] and I are obsessed with how do we make comedy really scary? The sequel to The Heat was going to be pretty scary and funny. Almost like in a Silence of the Lambs type thing but funny. I think funny people in peril and in danger is one of the best forms of comedy, and I really like things to play very real while funny things are happening. So that’s what both Katie and I really want to do with this one is make it crazy funny but also you’re scared at the same time. Katie loves to do that stuff and I do too.”

You can see the Feig talk in its entirety at EW. Keep an eye on Fango for all that’s to come on the developing new GHOSTBUSTERS.

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