Phenomenal Musical Zombie Short “WE TOGETHER” Will Move Your Body!


One of the more common threads in zombie mythology is the question of their humanity. If a person ceases to be, at the time of their death, what’s left when they’ve become reanimated? Do they retain any memories of their life, their personality? If so, is there a chance that they could, someday, become more than shambling, animalistic husks?

These ideas have been explored by countless zombie stories, to varying effect. As a premise, films like LAND OF THE DEAD and, more recently, WARM BODIES took these ideas to logical extremes. It can be difficult to take on such well-worn territory and bring something fresh to the table. So this writer was delighted to come across the short film/music video WE TOGETHER, directed by Henry Kaplan, with music by Kerron Hurd.

In its seven-minute runtime, it features hordes of the undead, a ragtag band of inevitably-doomed survivors, blood and guts, and some of the best zombie dance choreography this side of Thriller. The story, as it is, focuses on a zombie hearing a song he remembers from his pre-dead days, and being unable to resist the urge to dance. The music was so inextricably linked to who he was, so central to his being, that it triggers memories of his life, slowly rekindling his humanity. It’s a simple story, but there’s something about the aesthetic that is immensely charming. Scenes of flesh-hungry monsters ripping people apart while one zombie energetically krumps through the carnage–really, just tearing it up–are so visually absurd that you’d be hard-pressed to keep a grin from your face.

After watching, I’m not sure if I want all zombie movies to feature elaborate dance numbers, or if I just want all music videos to feature arterial blood spray. Probably a bit of both. Check out the video below and if you like what you see, be sure to check out Kaplan’s website HERE and Kerron Hurd’s bandcamp page HERE.

We Together from American Painkillers on Vimeo.

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