EXCL Photos: Nivek Ogre in Chris Alexander’s “QUEEN OF BLOOD”


FANGORIA editor Chris Alexander continues to use his spare time sculpting his second feature film, the ambitious, expansive follow-up to his arthouse vampire effort BLOOD FOR IRINA,  QUEEN OF BLOOD. And we now have two exclusive photos from the set featuring co-star Nivek Ogre, he of SKINNY PUPPY and REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA fame.

Once again starring Canadian actor Shauna Henry as the vampire Irina, QUEEN OF BLOOD is a thematic and stylistic cousin to the first film, while still being a radical re-invention and textural expansion. This time, Irina is re-born as a kind of plague, a parasite who crawls out of the earth and lays waste to a dream-state version of the old west. Ogre stars as a perverse Harry Powell-esque mad preacher and the film also features elaborate costume design by Alex Kavanagh (LAND OF THE DEAD, SPLICE, GINGER SNAPS 2-3, SAW II-VII).

Here then are two stills of Ogre in action with Henry hiding behind his open hand in the second shot. Photos come courtesy of David Goodfellow.

QUEEN OF BLOOD will be completed later this year and begin its festival run in early 2014. It is an Autonomy Pictures release.



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